The Education Centre Coffs Harbour

At The Education Centre, you’ll find an excellent teaching faculty. These are experienced tutors who can tailor their teaching methods to suit the learning preferences of individual students of all ages.

In other institutions, this is not often possible. It’s why our students are finding it easier to achieve results more in line with their potential. And they are much less stressed while they’re studying here.

With access to a range of flexible tuition options, Coffs Harbour parents have a first class resource to help their children make the most of their academic potential

Open the door to opportunity at The Education Centre by getting in touch with us today.

Classes available:

  • Individual tuition 
  • Small group tuition
  • Year 6 Preparation for High School 
  • Japanese 
  • Mandarin
  • German 
  • French 
  • Drama Classes 
  • Art Classes 

Coffs Harbour

  • Emergency After Hours: 0435 972 460
  • Mon – Fri 9:00am to 7.00 pm
  • Sat – 9:00am to 1:00pm
  • Sun – Closed
  • Brooke Clarke - For bookings and schedule changes
  • Jan Moore - For bookkeeping enquiries
  • Gary Riebel - For all other accounts enquiries

Teaching Team at Coffs Harbour

For more information on our teaching team please see our Teachers Page

  • Greg Lee
  • Col Graham
  • Rose-Marie Sercombe
  • Anita Cassidy Bowman
  • Wendy Petters
  • Kiyomi Takayama
  • Kirby Drew
  • Alan Merritt
  • Vivien Rink
  • Sue Siwinski
  • Leanne Stewart
  • Shane Heffernan
  • Brian McKinnon
  • David Mitchell
  • Garth Tuckett
  • Lisa Magri
  • Lisa Matters
  • Katrina Mitchell
  • Susan Budd
  • Elissa Healey
  • Nicola Fox
  • Valmai Kelaita
  • Wayne Taylor
  • Susan Leary
  • Steven Kitching
  • Mandeep Kaur Brar

Owners: Liz Stevens & Geoff Choice

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